About: Mudasser Shaik

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  • Role : Principal Big Data Engineer at UKG

Mudasser is principal big data engineer in Ultimate Software, one of leading data science companies in Silicon Valley. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Information Quality from University of Arkansas at Little Rock and his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Muffakham Jah College Of Engineering And Technology. He is passionate about Distributed Machine Learning and the intersection of Big Data & Data Science (AI/ML/DL). He possesses extensive working experience in designing and building Distributed Pipelines, Streaming Analytics, Scalable Machine learning Models and solving Data Quality Issues. He presently works as Senior Big Data Engineer at Ultimate Software, where he is responsible for developing, maintaining and evaluating Big data solutions for Data Science Teams. He is in charge of building large-scale data processing systems using Apache Spark, Kafka, Hadoop Eco system with security and compliance enabled across multiple Data centers and GCP.