Comparing The Top Three RDBMS For Data Science: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, And PostgreSQL

According to the Stackoverflow community survey in 2022, the respondents were asked which database environments they have done extensive development work in over the past year, and which they want to work in over the next year. Even though below answers have a mingle of relational database management systems with the others, in this article, we will compare the top three RDBMS: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.



How To Use PostgreSQL In A Jupyter Notebook?

Jupyter notebooks can be powerful tools to connect to your remote database. They allow you to streamline, replicate, and document your data. In this tutorial, using a Jupyter notebook, we will briefly see how to connect to a PostgreSQL database, which is a popular open-source relational database, and how to make queries in a Jupyter Notebook using Python language.