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Healthy Choices: Where to Apply Data Science within a Hospital

Learn a few use cases for data science in hospital operations including using network analysis to reduce hospital-acquired infections, forecasting the number of emergency department visits, and using machine learning to find disease.

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The Surprising Usefulness of the Single Decision Tree

Explore ways in which the single tree can yield powerful insight into the structure of data that is actually superior to that yielded by any other learning machine.

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ML Basics 1: Linear Regression Models Workshop

Learn about data preprocessing, predicting model parameters, bias, and variance trade-off, regularization, Ridge and Lasso Regression models, evaluating model performance, and how to tune up your models.

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AI and ML to Support and Improve Health Among African American Caregivers

Learn the lessons learned, challenges, and potential solutions for executing AI and machine learning projects.

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Data Science for Managers Workshop

A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning Models and Neural Networks

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