1. Working at a Startup vs. Mature Company

2. Traditional Financial Models

3. AI Based Financial Modeling

4. What to do during COVID-19?

5. Interview

6. AI Overview

7. How Data Scientist Team is Organized

8. Different Roles

9. Data Flow

10. Data Science Types v.s Needs

11. Different Tracks in Data Science Career

12. Future of Artificial Intelligence

13. Trends and Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

14. Challenges in Artificial Intelligence

15. Parallel Computing with Artificial Intelligence

16. History of Artificial Intelligence

17. Communication and Leadership Skills

18. Prepare for Interviews or Transition Your Career

19. The Difference Between Industry and Academia

20. The Most Important Skill as a Data Scientist

21. Growth and Promotion in a Company

22. Three Types of Data Scientists

23. Magnimind Academy – Educating curiosity!

(Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python Bootcamp)