AIOps for Intelligent Cloud Operations

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Demystifying Non-Fungible Tokens

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Representation Learning for Clustering via Building Consensus

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Industry Insights: AI and NLP

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Machine Learning and AI in SDLC

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Robots Made Better With AI In Cloud

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Dr. Tolga Ensari

Product Design Researcher

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Sampling ADE’s: A Guide for Corpus Curation

Joseph M. Plasek, PhD

NLP in Extracting Relevant COVID info for Medical Innovations

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Path to Becoming a Data Scientist, Bootcamps and ISA Program Announcement

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A Case Study for a Successful AI Project in Healthcare Skin Cancer Detection System – Part 3

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A Case Study for a Successful AI Project in Healthcare: Skin Cancer Detection System – Part 2

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A Case Study for a Successful AI Project in Healthcare Skin Cancer Detection System – Part 1

Pawel Rosikiewicz

A Brief Introduction to Applying Machine Learning to Investing

Maximilian Stroh -Dr. Philip Messow

The Semantic Gaming Experience: Become an NLU Expert with “Word Invaders”

Antonio Linari

A Hybrid xAI recommendations system using a Personal Health Knowledge Graph

Nariman Ammar

Serving a large number of ML models at low latency

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ML & AI Engineering Problem Solving: An Enterprise Case Study

Fred Simon, Matan Mashiah

ML pipelines for research: Stop doing R|D, start doing R&D

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Building the Best Version of your LinkedIn, Resume, Job Search

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Data science in mental health: Opportunities and advancements

Emily A. Halford

Accelerated Python on GPUs

Subhan Ali

AI and ML to Support and Improve Health Among African American Hispanic Dementia Caregivers

Sunmoo Yoon, PhD, MS

Healthy Choices: Where to Apply Data Science within a Hospital

Michael Zelenetz

Translating Data into a Shared Language

Diedre Downing

Meta-skills for Data Scientists

Wes Barlow

How do models learn?

Sara Hooker

Machine Learning in Healthcare – Opportunities and Challenges

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Customer Journey Webinar

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Experiment with Abseil Flags

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How to get a job during COVID-19 Webinar

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Path to becoming a data scientist and Magnimind’s 1on1 Project Bootcamp

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Natural Language Processing – Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare –

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Solr Learning to Rank: Non-Search as a Machine Learning Problem

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The 10 Second Rule – How to Maximize Your Productivity in ML

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Practical Machine Learning for Healthcare Webinar

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Incorporating AI in A/B Testing

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Five Things Only Experienced Data Scientists Know

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AI in Finance

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Art Meets Science: Transforming Data into Information, and Information into Insight

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What Developers need to know about building skills for Amazon Alexa

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Democratization of Data & AI Tutorial

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Trends in AI

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Build vs. Buy Decisions in Data Science Tutorial

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How to Find a Career Path in Data Science?

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Building Scalable State-of-the-Art Conversational AI Tutorial

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Anomaly Detection Using Various A.I. Techniques Tutorial

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The AI industry in 2020-2030 Tutorial

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Real-Time, Contextual and Personalized Recommendations Tutorial

Dhivya Rajparasad

Causal Inference in Data Science and Machine Learning Tutorial

Bryant Chen

The Diffbot Knowledge Graph: How to transform the web into knowledge

Mike Tung

New Space: Opportunities and Trends

Ioana Cozmuta

Uber’s Big Data Platform: 100+ Petabytes with Minute Latency

Reza Shiftehfar

Magnimind Academy – Educating curiosity! – (Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python Bootcamp)

Magnimind Academy – Educating curiosity! – (Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Python Bootcamp)