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Statistical Modeling Certificate Program for Data scientist


Expert-Led Statistical Training

Dive deep into statistics, time series, and A/B testing with industry experts.

Real-World Application

Learn through practical case studies and projects, directly applicable to your work.

Career-Boosting Certification

Elevate your professional profile with a recognized certification in statistical modeling.

Interactive and Engaging Content

Engage with dynamic course materials for an immersive learning experience.

Build a career in an exciting, in-demand profession

Goals / Outcomes in this program:

  • This program is tailored for data scientist to enhance their expertise and interview skills in statistical analysis, time series analysis, and A/B testing, using Python.
  • It is ideal for professionals in data-driven roles, aspiring data scientists, and anyone keen on leveraging advanced data techniques for insightful decision-making.


12 weeks

Skill Level



10 weeks







Learn from Industry Experts and Seasoned Educators

On-demand technical coaching

Why Choose Us?

We embrace a hands-on learning philosophy, emphasizing practical experiences for an authentic grasp of data science concepts. Committed to cultivating the growth of emerging professionals in the data science realm, our program provides a distinctive opportunity to collaborate with seasoned experts. Join our dynamic team and immerse yourself in gaining practical expertise in areas such as data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling.

Synchronous online classes

Interactive live coding lessons

Detailed feedbacks

Enriching discussions

Career insights and interview tips

Position Overview

Curriculum Details

Curriculum Details

  • Week 1-2: Introduction to Python for Data Science - Syntax, Data Structures, Libraries like NumPy and Pandas.
  • Week 3-4: Basic Statistical Concepts - Descriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, Hypothesis Testing.
  • Week 5-6: Intermediate Statistics - Inferential Statistics, Regression Analysis, Correlation.
  • Week 7-8: Time Series Analysis - Understanding Trends, Seasonality, Forecasting Techniques.
  • Week 9-10: Advanced Data Modeling - Predictive Models, Machine Learning Basics.
  • Week 11-12: A/B Testing in Practice - Designing Experiments, Analyzing Results, Real-world Applications.

Key Skills

Key Skills

  • Proficiency in Python for data analysis.
  • Strong foundational knowledge in statistical methods.
  • Ability to conduct time series analysis and forecast data.
  • Skills to design and interpret A/B tests effectively.
  • Basic understanding of machine learning models and their applications.

Price and payment options

Our plans fit your needs.

Statistical Modeling Certificate Program start dates

The next batch starts

Nov 20, 2023

Application Deadline

Nov 20, 2023

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Frequently asked questions

What are the outcomes of this program?

This program is designed to meet the specific needs of applicants and help launch their data science careers with hands-on projects. Most students approach us with a good theoretical background in data science but don’t have good hands-on experience. They lack qualified mentors and don’t have an idea of industry standards. We provide education to fill the gap and provide the best mentorship program in Silicon Valley where each student will interact with at least three mentors. Our students graduate from our 1on1 Data Science Mentorship Bootcamp with enough skillsets that will help them to find industry placements in related positions. Our students are trained for technical interviews, resume preparations, and necessary hands ‘on requirements. With these checkmarks on your profile, you will be a strong candidate in the job market.

Is this program job guaranteed?

Magnimind Academy 1on1 Data Science Mentorship Bootcamp is specifically designed to place its students. Not only during the bootcamp timeline but also after graduating from the program, Magnimind helps its students with recruiter connections and job placement studies. The program is specifically not a job guaranteed, but it’s the only purpose is to place its graduates in the industry. Typically, if you choose the income shared agreement(ISA), you will pay eighty percent of the money when you get to the job.

What are the payment alternatives?
Currently, the payment alternatives for the program are the up-front payment, monthly installments, and deferred tuition agreement.
How old is this program?
Magnimind academy is founded in 2016 by Stanford scientists to address the unmet need in training data scientist. Magnimind Academy specializes in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning. Therefore, we are claiming that we are offering best data science education with our experts from Silicon Valley companies and Stanford scientits. We have hosted over 20+ batches.
Do you have any support after the program?
Magnimind Academy is organizing its program to reach out to your dream position in the industry. The guidance of Magnimind continues with career coaching, recruiter connections, and internships after the bootcamp timeline. We also provide bonus educations for some of our students.
How does Magnimind help me get hired?
The reputation of the 1on1 Data Science Mentorship Bootcamp Curriculum is the ultimate source that will help you to get hired. Other than the quality of the education, the Magnimind recruiter network will take you one step above between your competitors. Compared to other bootcamps, Magnimind data science mentorship bootcamp offers in-depth industry-based training where you only focus on the industry’s standard hands-on education with real-life projects. We provide a variety of pieces of training that cover every aspect of job placements.
Will I work with a team during the program?
You will have an end-to-end experience in different sub-topics of data science while working on the projects. You will collect data, build models, and get actionable insights with your hands’ on experience during the bootcamp.
Can I choose a project field that I am interested in?
The projects of the bootcamp are determined by Magnimind Academic Staff and assigned to you. Magnimind admissions team makes sure to understand your readiness to start these projects during the assessment process. However, the Magnimind team would be able to guide you in your project of interest after the bootcamp.
Can I continue working on these projects after the bootcamp?
You can continue to your learning and hands ‘on experience with the internship opportunities from Magnimind network. Magnimind meets you with startups and technology companies where you can find paid or unpaid internship opportunities and gain more experience before landing your first position. However, the internship is based on your progress during the regular program.
What is the weekly time commitment this program requires?
Magnimind Academy – 1on1 Data Science Mentorship Bootcamp is an intense 15-week program designed to meet the specific needs of applicants and help launch their data science career with hands-on projects. Each student is expected to work 15 hours a week on their projects and also to meet with mentors to benefit from their experience.
What if I can't finish the projects on time?
One big challenge for you is the timing during the bootcamp. You will learn how to meet with project deadlines and become ready for timelines of the industry projects. Our mentors help you to catch up on your workgroup and finish the projects on time. Our program managers also assess your progress with weekly bootcamp overview meetings.