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About Tuitions

Learning data science from industry experts at Magnimind Academy lets you leverage their experience. You will have great exposure to experienced faculty and mentors, and hands-on projects. If you are worried about payment terms with Magnimind Academy courses, we are happy to put your mind at ease. With us, you will get three different payment options. Among them, these payment options are designed to meet the varied needs of all our applicants. If that makes you interested, here are the options from which you may take your pick for paying the fee of Magnimind Academy’s programs.

Upfront payment:

This is a cost-effective option where you will have to pay the entire course fee at one go. If you choose this mode of payment, you will just need to pay $3,000, which is much lower than what you would end up paying in case you opt for the installment option. To understand it better, read the next payment option and you will know for yourself why paying your course fee upfront makes sense financially.

Payment via installments:

If you don’t want to bear the burden of making an upfront payment of your course fee, we have an installment option for you to consider. As the name suggests, this method needs you to pay the course fee in 10 equal installments rather than paying it all at one go. In case you choose this option, you will have to pay $5,000 in total. In lieu of giving you the convenience of paying the course fee in 12 installments, this option makes you pay slightly more than the previous upfront option, which is the usual norm in such modes of payment.

Income Share Agreement (ISA):

You want to start a career in data science but can’t afford to pay for your education? We have a solution (*). Take advantage of our new income sharing agreement (ISA) program to get your dream job. You can register for the program now without making any payment and start your payments when you get a job. We will work with you and help you to find your dream job. There are many opportunities for career development and advancement. After the Bootcamp, you will gain both theoretical and hands-on data science skills along with strong communication and interview skills. Your ISA payments will start when you find a job within a 12 months deferred period. After getting a job, you will make your payment in 12 months-installments. Contact us today to know more about, how ISA works..!! (*) Currently, this program is only available for non-California residents.

If you have confidence in your abilities and zeal to break into this in-demand field of data science, choose your payment options from the above and get started on a winning career path.