10 Powerful Examples Of AI Applications In Today’s World

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of daily human lives today and it assists in almost every scenario – whether you realize it or not. Every time you do a Google search, book a trip online, receive a product recommendation from Amazon, or open your Facebook newsfeed, which are just a few everyday instances – AI is lurking in the background. In this post, we’ve rounded up ten practical examples across multiple industries that demonstrate how pervasive the technology has become in our everyday lives.

1- Automated customer support

Today, you’d hardly find a good online store that doesn’t offer at least one form of high-tech customer support, apart from the traditional support channel that can be reached via email or phone. Traditional support channels cost businesses a whooping amount of money and wastage of human resources that can be directed toward more intelligent and creative tasks otherwise. AI-enabled customer assistants can answer simple questions like letting you know the status of your order, and helping you in finding a particular product based on your description, among others. Online shopping experience has been greatly enhanced by chatbots because of the following reasons:

  • They increase user retention by sending reminders and notifications
  • They offer instant answers compared to human assistants, thus reducing response time
  • CHATBOTS provide upselling opportunities through personalized approach

2- Personalized shopping experience

The online shopping platform you use collects and stores lots of information about your usage – whether you like it or not. Google Analytics alone is capable of providing the online store with information like your location, your browser, device etc, apart from how much time you spend on each page. Implementation of artificial intelligence makes it possible for online stores to use the smallest piece of data about every followed link or hover to personalize your experience on a deeper level. This personalization results into timely alerts, messages, visuals that should be particularly interesting to you, and dynamic content that modifies according to users’ demand and supply. Online stores can also change currency and interface automatically, send notifications about discounts on best-selling products, and offer time limits on desirable items.

3- Healthcare

In healthcare, artificial intelligence has already proved to be a game-changer, improving every part of the industry virtually. From safeguarding patients’ personal records against cybercriminals to assisting in surgeries – AI is implemented everywhere. We all know that healthcare has suffered from inefficient processes and skyrocketing medical costs for long. AI is offering the industry a much-needed makeover. AI-enabled workflow assistants are aiding doctors free up their schedules, reducing time and cost by streamlining processes and opening up new avenues for the industry. In addition, AI-powered technology helps pathologists in analyzing tissue samples and thus, in turn, making more accurate diagnosis.

4- Finance

Collaboration of finance industry and artificial intelligence is a perfect match. The financial sector heavily relies on real-time reporting, accuracy, and processing of large volumes of quantitative data to make crucial decisions. All these are areas in which AI-enabled systems excel. Because of the accuracy and efficiency of artificial intelligence, finance sector is quickly implementing machine learning, algorithmic trading, adaptive intelligence, chatbots, automation etc into an array of processes. Now, there’re automated advisors powered by AI, who’re capable of predicting the best portfolio or stock based on preferences by scanning the market data. Actionable reports based on relevant financial data is also being generated by scanning millions of key data points, thus saving analysts numerous hours of work.

5- Smart cars and drones

When it comes to AI applications, you can hardly get a more prominent and better demonstration of the technology than what smart cars as well as drone manufacturers are accomplishing with it. Big names like Walmart and Amazon are already investing heavily in drone delivery programs and it’s likely to become prevalent soon.

Autonomous vehicles are prime examples of how artificial intelligence is impacting the automotive industry. A large segment of autonomous vehicles are connected and thus, able to share the learning with each other. This percentage is set to increase rapidly in the future. With autonomous vehicles running on the roads and autonomous drones delivering the shipments, a significant amount of transportation and service related issues can be resolved faster and more effectively.

6- Travel and navigation

In both travel and transportation industries, AI is steadily becoming one of the key tools for service providers as well as users. From suggesting efficient route to home, to making travel arrangements – artificial intelligence is helping people in taking the big leap. Travel companies, in particular, are capitalizing the ubiquitous usage of smart devices.

A huge percentage of users review travel tips, research local landmarks and dining options, and book trips on these devices, with the help of AI-powered travel assistants. Chatbots are also changing the travel industry rapidly by facilitating human-like interaction with consumers for travel recommendations, better booking prices, and faster response times. When it comes to transportation, you can consider Google Maps. With AI-enabled mapping, it scans road information and utilizes algorithms to identify the optimal route to take, be it in a bike, car, bus, train, or on foot. Al is every where that can be business, education and event space etc.

7- Social media

If you’re thinking that emergence of autonomous vehicles isn’t having any impact on you personally as they’re not in your city yet, how about something without using which your day doesn’t end? Yes, we’re talking about social media. If Facebook isn’t your thing, maybe it’s Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram or any of the other available social media apps. The fact is, when you’re using social media, a majority of your decisions are being influenced by artificial intelligence.

From notifications that you receive to feeds that you see in the timeline, everything is curated by AI. It considers all your past web searches, interactions, behaviors, and everything else done by you during your visit to these websites, and tailors your experience according to that. The role of artificial intelligence becomes even more important when the amount of content increases in the platforms since then, it becomes even more difficult to show users accurate information while fighting spam and improving user experience. In such cases, AI can act as a great boon.

8- Smart home devices

Rise of AI has exceptionally solidified the term smart home. A significant number of smart home devices that you buy use AI to learn your behavior so that they can adjust their settings automatically to make your experience as frictionless as possible. These smart home devices are controlled by using smart voice assistants, which are prime examples of AI. These techniques are part of our lives thanks to data science. While it’s true that it’ll take a significant time for us to see a perfect AI-powered home capable of reacting to our choices in real-lives, steps are already being made to bring this to the real world. Already, there’re smart lights that can change intensity and color based on time, and thermostats that can adjust the temperature based on user preference, among others.

9- Creative arts

AI-powered technologies are inspiring new songs now. Based on inputs gathered from millions of newspaper headlines, conversations, and speeches, insights are gleaned that can help musicians create themes. For instance, Watson BEAT is capable of coming up with different musical elements to help composers. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, musicians can understand what their audiences want and thus, compose songs based on that.

Another great example of the technology’s power is IBM’s AI-enabled Chef Watson who’s capable of becoming a sous-chef in your kitchen by helping you to develop recipes and advising on food combinations.

10- Security and surveillance

While you may argue on the ethical aspect of implementing a broad surveillance system, you can’t deny the fact that it’s being implemented. And artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in this domain. It’s just impossible for humans to constantly monitor multiple channels with feeds coming in from a huge number of cameras at the same time, but AI is making that possible. Technologies like facial recognition and voice recognition are getting better with each passing day. Though there’s still some time before we can see that AI is monitoring all the security camera feeds, this is most likely going to happen sometime in the future. Image processing technology utilize the data science by raising the artificial intelligence.

Final note

Apart from these applications, there’re many others like AI-powered robots capable of thinking and solving problems in a limited capacity, increasingly adopted AI-powered marketing tools that can help marketers generate in-depth customer insights reports, book more impactful business meetings, and create pertinent content, among others. And all these are being done with minimal human intervention.

As you can see from the above examples, artificial intelligence is impacting human lives and the society through a diverse range of applications. Our choices are also getting influenced by it to a good extent. Several opportunities based on AI have already risen and we can only expect them to increase in the future. However, it’s crucial to address the issues that may act as obstacles for the wider adoption of this technology because solidifying society’s trust on it is crucial. Factors like convenience, speed, accuracy, assurance, and experience are hugely important for any technology to receive wider acceptance, and artificial intelligence is no different.

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