AI And Machine Learning Facilitate People’s Lives In Terms Of Many Aspects

In the tech domain, there is a huge buzz going around the future abilities of AI and machine learning in terms of how they’ll be impacting our lives. These include high-end things like instant machine translation, self-driving cars, just to name a few. However, AI and machine learning are very much present in these days and they are facilitating human lives in a lot of ways, whether you may realize it or not. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at how these technologies have already started impacting the life of the average people.



2 Immersive Topics: Data Science And Artificial Intelligence

Both data science and artificial intelligence are extremely talked about topics in today’s technology domain. Both of these technologies are being steadily adopted by businesses across the globe, regardless of industry or domain. However, there is a question often asked by people, particularly those looking to enter any of these fields, regarding how data science and artificial intelligence are connected and how they’re different from each other. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at both aspects of both the fields to help you obtain a clear idea and take an informed decision.



Immersive Virtual Reality AI And Its Near-coming Effects

During the last few years, we’re experiencing a big revolution from mobile computing to immersive computing. We’ve also seen a new wave of devices employing virtual reality (VR) that defines a major spectrum of immersive technology that has the ability to replace mobile computing. In 2016, a range of virtual reality products came to the market by some tech giants. The large acquisitions and investments made by those tech giants reveal that virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) will become highly integrated with the platforms on which people consume content in the coming future.



Invaluable Societal Benefits Of AI

The association of AI with common public may have been limited to Hollywood films like Terminator, iRobot, Ex Machina etc a couple of years ago, but the technology today is right here with exponential future possibilities. These days, billions of people across the globe interact with artificial intelligence on a regular basis through their computers, phones and other smart devices. It has revolutionized the technology landscape that millions of people reap benefit from.



10 Powerful Examples Of AI Applications In Today’s World

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of daily human lives today and it assists in almost every scenario – whether you realize it or not. Every time you do a Google search, book a trip online, receive a product recommendation from Amazon, or open your Facebook newsfeed, which are just a few everyday instances – AI is lurking in the background. In this post, we’ve rounded up ten practical examples across multiple industries that demonstrate how pervasive the technology has become in our everyday lives.



What Can We Do With Artificial Intelligence?

Today, artificial intelligence is used for a wide range of activities in different fields and industries. From education, healthcare, and entertainment to finance, electronic trading platforms, e-commerce platforms, transportation, and more, you’ll find how artificial intelligence finds many applications in our lives today. No wonder why many aspiring job seekers want to learn artificial intelligence to enter a promising field that’s changing almost every aspect of our lives significantly and is predicted to continue doing so in the future, albeit in a much more extensive way. If you’re planning to get AI training and wondering what you can do with artificial intelligence, here are the top three domains that you may target (though the list isn’t exclusive as you can have a lot more choices, as mentioned earlier):



Image Processing And Its Future Implications

In today’s world of cutting-edge technologies, implementation of image processing techniques has become a crucial part for many tech organizations, regardless of their volume and field of operation. Acquisition of instant information has become possible because of the advancements taking place in the domain of the internet.

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