Python is First Step to Data Science

The steadily increasing importance of data science across industries has led to a rapid demand for data scientists. It’s been said that the role of data scientist is the 21st century’s sexiest job title. If you wonder why it has become such a sought after position these days, the short answer is that there has been a huge explosion in both data generated and captured by organizations and common people and data scientists are the people who derive valuable insights from that data and figure out what can be done with it.



Is Python certification cost increasing?

Guido van Possum – a Dutch programmer, developed Python in 1980s. You can use this object-oriented and open-source programming language for an extensive range of applications such as developing, scripting, and testing. Thanks to Python’s simplicity and elegance, top technology organizations like Google, Dropbox, IBM, Quora, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Mozilla, Qualcomm etc have implemented it. Before we take a look at the rising certification costs of Python, let’s try to understand what makes this programming language the most preferred choice of a majority these days.



Python Certification with 7 Steps

Python is an extremely popular programming language that can be used to perform a plethora of tasks. From building machine learning algorithms to websites and almost anything in-between – you can do them all with it. This high-level programming language is also dominating other languages when it comes to AI (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, python comes with an array of libraries and tools that help data scientists to explore large datasets. As a result, in the entire programming domain, Python certification has become one of the most sought after skills. Let’s have a look at some statistics.



Why Learning Python Is Important For Machine Learning Aspirants?

Today, Python has become one of the most favored programming languages among developers across the globe – from process automation to scripting to web development to machine learning – it’s used everywhere. Before we delve deeper to understand why Python is steadily becoming a great choice among machine learning professionals, let’s have a quick look at where actually the study of algorithms helps in.

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