What Would Be The Future Jobs For Data Science In Terms Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning?

With the tremendous popularity of data science that shows no signs of slowing down, those looking for future jobs for data science professionals should be ready for some good news. As a humungous 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data gets generated each day, there’s a growing demand for professionals who are capable of organizing this enormous pile of data to offer meaningful insights, which in turn can help businesses make informed decisions and find relevant solutions. No wonder why future jobs for data science professionals will hail these people as the hero since these are those who can extract meaning from seemingly innocuous data – no matter whether it’s structured and organized or unstructured and disorganized. Though the post of data scientist has featured as the leader among other jobs for a few years in a row, the increasing emphasis on AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) has given rise to a few jobs, the demand for which may soon outgrow that of data scientists. In fact, the competition between machine learning engineers and data scientists is heating up and the line between them is blurring fast.