What Is The Difference Between A Data Scientist And A Data Analyst?

In the past few years, the field of data science has grown exponentially. In today’s information-driven world, data is playing a crucial role in every industry – from cybersecurity, healthcare, online retail, banking and insurance, to digital marketing, SEO and several others. No wonder why businesses have started relying on data heavily. And this triggers a boom in diverse job openings related to data science. Among all these positions, perhaps the most overlapping two are that of a data scientist and a data analyst. There’re many who get confused between these two titles and some of them even think that data scientist is just another glammed up word for data analyst.



Data Scientist Is Better Than Financial Analyst, Data Analyst And Research Analyst

If you have an analytical bend of mind, you may consider a career in the field of data science. Though there are many options to take your pick from, most aspirants have their eyes fixated on the coveted job of data scientists. But who exactly are data scientists? You may call them a new class of analytical data expert, who possess the technical skills necessary to solve complex problems. At the same time, these people also have the inquisitiveness to search for problems that need to be solved. Thus, when defining a data scientist, you can say it’s someone who blends some expertise of a computer scientist, a mathematician, and a trend-spotter. What’s the beauty of the field of data science is that it has numerous applications in various domains. Thus, you will find that there’s a high demand for data scientists in both the business domain and the field of IT, which make these professionals highly sought-after and well-paid. No wonder why a majority of aspirants looking to make a mark in the field of data science aim to become data scientists.

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