Clustering And Topic Modeling In NLP: What Happens If K-means And LDA Have A Competition?

One day, K-means and LDA, two popular algorithms in natural language processing (NLP), decided to have a friendly competition to see which one was better at clustering and topic modeling. K-means, known for its simplicity and speed, boasted that it could group any collection of documents in a flash. LDA, on the other hand, was confident in its ability to uncover the latent topics hidden within the data using probabilistic generative modeling.



How Can You Improve Yourself In Data Science Area To Be A Good Data Scientist?

The role of data scientist surely involves a lot of great things and those are the reasons professionals from across the globe are striving to step into the field of data science. Businesses, regardless of their field and volume, are looking to recruit ‘effective’ data scientists. We mentioned the term ‘effective’ because there is a huge supply of so-called data scientists that often fail to meet the expectations. The continuing media hype around data science has heavily exploded the volume of junior talents over the past few years.