How Should You Start To Learn Machine Learning Using Java?

When you talk about the domain of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), most experts would suggest you learn Python and R programming languages. Java is seldom talked about and yet, you can use it for AI, ML, etc. According to some 2017 studies, it’s the front-end web developers who leverage their familiarity with JavaScript to machine learning. It was found that 16% prioritized Java for the purpose, while 8% were found to avoid the cumbersome C/C++. It was noticed that front-end desktop application developers prioritized Java more than others (21%), which was in line with Java’s frequent use in enterprise-focused applications. The studies found that enterprise developers tend to use Java in all projects, which included machine learning as well. Though Python and R have their own advantages, you can also use Java for machine learning, AI, and other areas of data science if you’re already adept in it.