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Full-Stack D

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There are fundamental skills that you need to acquire to be a good data scientist. This includes being able to retrieve, analyse, interpret, present and organize data. In this phase, the bootcamp content is designed to make sure that you master these fundamental skills: SQL, the standard language to communicate with database, Python, the most widely used programming language (one third of new software development uses this language), and Statistics.

This bootcamp provides theoretical knowledge and homeworks, hands-on office hours where you can master the curriculum. The bootcamp schedule lets you acquire theory, and practice what you’ve learned with office hours.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Fundamentals of Machine Learning” alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

In the second phase of the bootcamp, you will learn data preprocessing such as handling missing values, standardization, normalization, and feature scaling. You will learn the popular machine learning concepts such as clustering, classification, regression, ensembling, and dimensionality reduction. You will get your hands on training data, to discover potentially predictive pattern. You will learn how to train algorithms with training data, and to predict the outcome for future datasets. You will also learn about cross-validation, a technique to prevent overtraining.

In this phase you’ll utilize modern data science techniques with industry experts. This phase will help you get started in data science career and become ready to machine learning applications.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Natural Language Processing Phase – Cloud (Spark, AWS, Azure)” alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

NLP is one of the most challenging and revolutionary areas of AI. This phase will start teaching you the basics of NLP, and move to the main concepts. You will learn the latest frameworks including NLTK, TextBlob, Gensim, SpaCy, Keras, and Tensorflow. With that, you’ll get comfortable with text representation/processing / understanding, choosing efficient ML algorithms for NLP, embedding spaces, and word vectors. In addition to machine learning, you will get a chance to practice a bit of Deep Learning in the context of NLP.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Landing a Job Phase (Projects, resume building, mock interviews)” alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

You are being acquired theoretical knowledge and had a chance to apply those with many homework and practices. Now, it’s time to challenge yourself with real projects and see how data science is being applied in the industry. In this phase, you are working on real-time projects where you will master the whole bootcamp content. You will be placed in the workgroups and have a mentor. Your mentor will track your progress, advice for your weaknesses, and guide you to land your dream job. You will also build a portfolio which is necessary for your job placement. With the help of resume building and mock interviews, you will become an open target for the headhunters.

Are you feeling not ready to start? Don’t worry!

Get started for free with our mini bootcamps. Our mini bootcamps will teach you Python basics and machine learning algorithms. During these mini bootcamps, you will explore a hands-on experience that ignites your enthusiasm, and gain the confidence to learn data science.

Application Process

This bootcamp is 15 weeks. We have three different stages. First two stage is class style. We have following schedule. First 10 weeks, classes will be Wednesdays: 6-8 pm, and Saturdays 9-12 pm


15 weeks – online

Application Deadline May 24

If you would like to enroll in this program, you have several payment options:

– A super discount (%65) if tuition is paid in full upfront ($2,100 instead of the full $6,000, saving you $3,900).

– Payments can be made in four (4) installments of $625. The first installment is due at registration, and the remainder monthly thereafter (You save $3,500).

– We offer an income share agreement (ISA), which lets you defer payment until you are employed. You will pay the full $6,000 amount but take the defer payment opportunity.

SQL, Python, Statistics Phase

week 1,2,3

Machine Learning Phase

week 4,5,6,7

NLP – Cloud Phase

week 8,9

Landing a Job Phase

week 10-15

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Practice interviews

Practice interviews with world-class mentors. Learn from the expertise of top company employees. Connect with other mentees for unlimited practice interviews.

Job search support

Get personalized career coaching from the Magnimind team. Learn how to reach out to companies effectively, and get connected to our hiring partners.

Resume and profile review

Get expert eyes on your resume and online portfolio. We’ll work with you until they’re perfect.

Practice interviews

Practice interviews with world-class mentors. Learn from the expertise of top company employees. Connect with other mentees for unlimited practice interviews.

Job search support

Get personalized career coaching from the Magnimind team. Learn how to reach out to companies effectively, and get connected to our hiring partners.

Resume and profile review

Get expert eyes on your resume and online portfolio. We’ll work with you until they’re perfect.

Outcomes : Who Has Hired Our Data Science Students

Our bootcamp prepares grand to work at todays most impressive companies


Apply now and benefit Income Share Agreement (ISA)!

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$[woocommerce_price id=”7244″]

Income Share Agreement (ISA)

You want to start a career in data science but can’t afford to pay for your education?

We have a solution (*).

Take advantage of our new income sharing agreement (ISA) program to get your dream job.
You can register for the program now without making any payment and start your payments when you get a job. We will work with you and help you to find your dream job. There are many opportunities for career development and advancement. After the Bootcamp, you will gain both theoretical and hands-on data science skills along with strong communication and interview skills.

Your ISA payments will start when you find a job within a 12 months deferred period. After getting a job, you will make your payment in 12 months-installments.

Contact us today to know more about, how ISA works..!! (*)

Currently, this program is only available for non-California residents.

[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”What are the outcomes of this program?”]
This program is designed to meet the specific needs of applicants and help launch their data science careers with hands-on projects. Most students approach us with a good theoretical background in data science but don’t have good hands-on experience. They lack qualified mentors and don’t have an idea of industry standards. We provide education to fill the gap and provide the best mentorship program in silicon valley where each student will interact with at least three mentors.
Our students graduate from our 1on1 Machine Learning Project Mentorship Bootcamp with enough skillsets that will help them to find industry placements in related positions. Our students are trained for technical interviews, resume preparations, and necessary hands ‘on requirements. With these checkmarks on your profile, you will be a strong candidate in the job market.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Is this program job guaranteed?”]
Magnimind Academy 1on1 Project Mentorship Bootcamp is specifically designed to place its students. Not only during the bootcamp timeline but also after graduating from the program, Magnimind helps its students with recruiter connections and job placement studies. The program is specifically not a job guaranteed, but it’s the only purpose is to place its graduates in the industry.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”What are the payment alternatives?”]
Currently, the only payment alternative for the program is the up-front payment.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Can I apply for a scholarship?”]
With the slogan of providing education for everyone, Magnimind offers scholarship opportunities to the candidates with low income. You need to apply with the Magnimind Academy Scholarship Form to be considered for competence. Our admission team informs applicants before the bootcamp starts with their eligibility report.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How old is this program?”]
Our project-based learning program is not only new for Magnimind Academy, but also a pioneer for the whole technical learning industry. Currently, Magnimind is serving with its project based learning bootcamp for the last 1 year. However, we have been offering different bootcamps in the last two years.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Do you have any support after the program?”]
Magnimind Academy is organizing its program to reach out to your dream position in the industry. The guidance of Magnimind continues with career coaching, recruiter connections, and internships after the bootcamp timeline. We also provide bonus educations for some of our students.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How does Magnimind help me get hired?”]
The reputation of the 1on1 Project Mentorship Bootcamp Curriculum is the ultimate source that will help you to get hired. Other than the quality of the education, the Magnimind recruiter network will take you one step above between your competitors. Compared to other bootcamps, Mangimid mentorship bootcamp offers in-depth industry-based training where you only focus on the industry’s standard hands-on education with real-life projects. We provide a variety of pieces of training that cover every aspect of job placements.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Will I work with a team during the program?”]
Every student will work with a workgroup on each project. This experience will help you to taste a team-based working environment. You will have the support of your workgroup where you got stuck on a project as well.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”How does mentor meetings system work?”]
We determine meeting times based on your workgroup’s and mentor’s availability. Since the program is part-time, most of the meetings are convenient with non-business hours. You also have the chance to organize one-on-one meetings with your mentor.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Are they all real projects?”]
The projects of the bootcamp are from real technology companies and/or Kaggle projects with real datasets.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Will I have specific tasks while working on the project?”]
You will have an end-to-end experience in different sub-topics of data science while working on the projects. You will collect data, build models, and get actionable insights with your hands’ on experience during the bootcamp.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Can I choose a project field that I am interested in?”]
The projects of the bootcamp are determined by Magnimind Academic Staff and assigned to you. Magnimind admissions team makes sure to understand your readiness to start these projects during the assessment process. However, the Magnimind team would be able to guide you in your project of interest after the bootcamp.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Can I continue working on these projects after the bootcamp?”]
You can continue to your learning and hands ‘on experience with the internship opportunities from Magnimind network. Magnimind meets you with startups and technology companies where you can find paid or unpaid internship opportunities and gain more experience before landing your first position. However, the internship is based on your progress during the regular program.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”What is the weekly time commitment this program requires?”]
Magnimind Academy – 1on1 Project/Mentorship Bootcamp is an intense 10-week program designed to meet the specific needs of applicants and help launch their data science career with hands-on projects. Each student is expected to work 15 hours a week on their projects and also to meet with mentors to benefit from their experience.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”What if I can’t finish the projects on time?”]
One big challenge for you is the timing during the bootcamp. You will learn how to meet with project deadlines and become ready for timelines of the industry projects. Our mentors help you to catch up on your workgroup and finish the projects on time. Our program managers also assess your progress with weekly bootcamp overview meetings.
[dt_sc_toggle_framed title=”Are three weeks enough to finish a project?”]
On each project, you will have a compressed and intense experience where you will learn different aspects of working on a data science project. The projects also cover different sub-topics of data science during the bootcamp. At the end of the program, you will find the courage to work on many fields of data science with the experience that you gained from these projects.