Data Science with Finance Focus Bootcamp: The best quality education with the best prices

Are you looking for a data science-related position in the finance industry? Then, you are at the right spot. Magnimind offers a brand-new bootcamp for those who want to learn data science with the finance domain.


Data Science with Finance Focus Bootcamp: The best quality education with the best prices

Are you looking for a data science-related position in the finance industry? Then, you are at the right spot. Magnimind offers a brand-new bootcamp for those who want to learn data science with the finance domain.

Build a career in an exciting, in-demand profession.

Financial models have been replaced by more data-centric model and, naturally, one who mastered in Machine Learning-based financial modeling gets the edge on other candidates.

The ultimate object of this bootcamp is to endow you both with data science and finance knowledge, so you can take part in one of the prestigious financial institutions.

Skills to be learned


Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Finance Theory

Financial Modeling with Data Science


Data Exploration


Data Visualization

Big names hire Magnimind Academy grads.

Our bootcamp prepares grand to work at today’s most impressive companies


Career Services

Personalized career coaching.

  Full-time career support from day 1

  Unlimited technical interview practices

  Industry and salary insights

  Linkedin and resume writing support

  Exclusive access to open roles

What you will get from Full-Stack Data Science with Finance Bootcamp

Learn in a well-structured environment from the top industry experts and support from student advisors and career coaches.


Magnimind Certification

A highly recognized certification from a Silicon Valley-based company.


Learning from top-notch instructors

Magnimind hosts instructors/practitioners from globally best universities and companies.


Resume and profile review

Have your resume and online portfolio checked by experts. We’ll work with you until perfection.


Live Lessons and Recordings

The classes will be live and regularly held. In case you miss it, do not worry! The recordings will be available for you right after the class.


Assignments and Real-Life Projects and Detailed Feedbacks

To gain skill in any fields, it is inevitable to make practice by yourself and get feedback to polish your efforts. Subsequent to your submission, you will be given regular finance-related data science assignments and projects and you will get detailed feedback so that you can end up with the best solution.


Career Insight and Practice Interview

Once you complete the bootcamp, we are here to tell you the latest career insights, tips to find a best-fit job for you. Also, practice interviews help you to make smooth land a data science-related position at a well-recognized company.

Schedule Options

Online learning. Personal support.

Fit study into the rest of your life as you learn part-time.


15 weeks

Expected student time allocation: 15 – 20 hours per week

Live instruction sessions (5 hours per week)

On-demand office hours

No prerequisite, start immediately

Study under the supervision of the top industry expert

Different Payment Options

The next cohort starts on June 14, 2022

Tuition Payment Options

Our plans fit your needs.

Pay Upfront - ($6000)

Pay in full before you start, at the lowest possible rate. No additional costs, and nothing to pay when you’re done.

No loans or financing needed – $0 owed after graduation

Deferred Tuition Agreement

Pay nothing until you’re making at least $40,000 a year, then make fixed monthly payments ($500 for 12 months after starting a new job). Terms and fees depending on the amount requested, credit history, employment history, and personal references. After the Bootcamp, you will gain both theoretical and hands-on data science skills along with strong communication and interview skills. If you’re not hired in 24 months and you qualify for our Tuition Refund Guarantee, the loan will be forgiven. APPLY for Deferred Tuition Program. Currently, this program is only available for non-California residents. (US only)
Monthly cost $500 – Total cost $6000

Is this program right for me?

The curriculum of this bootcamp is created in a way that everyone who does not have a background in finance and data science are welcome.

Job-ready skills employers are looking for.

Python-Statistics-SQL Phase

There are fundamental skills that you need to acquire to be a good data scientist. This includes being able to retrieve, analyze, interpret, present, and organize data. This bootcamp provides theoretical knowledge and homeworks, hands-on office hours where you can master the curriculum.

Machine Learning Phase

In the second phase of the bootcamp, you will learn data preprocessing such as handling missing values, standardization, normalization, and feature scaling. You will learn the popular machine learning concepts such as clustering, classification, regression, ensembling, and dimensionality reduction.

Deep Learning

The overwhelming success of data-dependent models in finance has forced practitioners to employ state-of-the art applications over the last decade. As a result of these efforts, deep learning-based modeling has surfaced in finance and it become prevalent today. In this course, you will learn the basics of deep learning using tensorflow and will apply on a finance-related problem.

Financial Data Science

This course is a first step towards better understanding of the finance world with the help of data science. The topics to be covered in this class are financial APIs, regression analysis for finance, time series analysis, time value of money, simulation analysis, modern portfolio theory, and the applicability of unsupervised learning in finance.

Landing a Job Phase

In this phase, you are working on real-time projects where you will master the whole bootcamp content. You will be placed in the workgroups and have a mentor. Your mentor will track your progress, advice you of your weaknesses, and guide you to land your dream job.

Full-stack Data Science with Finance Focus table

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