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7 Key Advantages Of Getting Hired By Tech Giants


    In today’s technology-driven world, the war for top talent has become absolutely fierce among global tech giants (GoogleMicrosoftApple). With the job market getting tighter, these giants have started raising their already stratospheric salary offerings (like the salary of the Data Scientist). They’re striving to attract and retain top talents by crafting undeniable offers coupled with a working environment where employees can thrive. Here, we’ve outlined some key advantages that you can relish by getting recruited by the tech giants.

    1- Education

    Top tech companies understand the importance of having an erudite workforce, and thus, they encourage their employees to enhance their knowledge further. They often organize valuable courses (like Image Processing, Data Science, NLP, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Personal Development, Data Analysis Methods etcin affiliation with institutes and universities, apart from offering reimbursement of course fees.

    2- Vacation

    Tech companies are moving beyond the traditional vacation policy by offering open-ended vacation policies. For example, you can take sabbaticals every few years or enjoy paid vacations to exotic locations. You may also be able to celebrate special days (like birthdaywedding anniversary etc) by getting the day off while being paid for the celebration by your company.

    3- Health

    A series of well-being programs is offered by the tech giants to ensure their employees get access to facilities that promote positive health. Related perks may include:

    • gym membership,
    • yoga classes,
    • volleyball court,
    • indoor swimming pool,
    • snooze pad etc.

    4- Flexible work arrangements

    Flexible work arrangements including remote working abilities and flexible scheduling are some other exciting perks that you can enjoy when working with the big names. And if you’re ready to take a small cut in pay, you may probably even get to enjoy work-from-home deals (such as Data Scientist, Social Media Evaluator, Transcriber, Freelance Moderator etc).

    5- Caregiver leave

    Being able to take some time off to take care of an elderly parent, or a child is another critical benefit offered by the tech giants. As the gender roles have started to change for today’s generation when it comes to caregiving roles, this benefit has become almost an imperative one, and big names are trying to address the same as best as they can.

    6- Performance-based incentives

    This is another critical benefit that distinguishes top tech companies in the world from its average counterpart. In an average company, you may find that incentives don’t differ greatly based on performance. But tech giants tend to offer top incentives for top performers and average incentives for standard performers. This benefit can come in the form of profit sharingcash bonuses etc.

    7- Miscellaneous

    Tech giants surely know how to attract top talent and retain them, and that reflects in their offerings, apart from healthy paychecks. Some of the notable benefits include:

    • paid housecleaning services for employee residence,
    • reimbursement for adoption fees,
    • paid parental leave,
    • on-site car wash services and oil changes,
    • weekly team outings,
    • free meals,
    • huge employee discount on company products,
    • allowing employees to attend free concerts,
    • lunchtime jam sessions,
    • free online personal development courses,
    • monthly housing stipend etc.

    Final note

    In top tech companies, the needs of the employees rank high and this trend isn’t going out anytime soon. These companies go that extra mile to ensure that their employees stay happy since happy individuals translate into productive employees, and productive employees lead to increased bottom-line. By offering the right perks, these companies are able to win the war of talent, and so do you in your quest for a great and rewarding job.

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