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How Magnimind is different?


    Data is feted as the ‘new oil’ and data science has emerged as one of the most promising career paths in today’s world. You can consider the role of data scientists similar to that of an oil refinery, as they convert data into insights that can help businesses make the right decisions, generate revenue and save money. In 2018, LinkedIn WorkForce Report for the US indicated a shortage of people having requisite data science skills. As companies are increasingly working with big data to get useful insights and make informed decisions, those with data science skills are in high demand. Unlike in 2015 when there was a national surplus of such skilled people in the US, the scenario has become just the opposite within just three years. With IDC (International Data Corporation) predicting global revenues for big data and business analytics to surpass the $210 billion mark in 2020, now is a good time to focus on making a career in data science. And if you plan to do so, Magnimind Academy is here to help.

    What makes Magnimind a class apart?

    Magnimind’s mission is to educate people in the direction toward leading innovation for the overall good of all. We help people by giving them the opportunity to create new things with the advanced knowledge they impart, or adjust to new innovations and changes. By helping rewire their mindset, Magnimind Academy helps the participants build their future, thus giving them a chance to transform the way they live for the better. And this open, encouraging approach is visible in Magnimind Academy’s data science course.

    Who can take up data science education?

    Many other data science courses in the market need that the candidates must have the fundamental knowledge of statistics and Python, or should come from adjacent fields (like IT, advanced mathematics or statistics etc). However, Magnimind Academy welcomes interested candidates from a variety of backgrounds. So, if you have worked with coding just a little bit, or come from adjacent fields like IT or design, you can get admitted to the data science tutorials. But even if you are from an unrelated field, and just want to achieve the complete skill set that’s required to start a career in data science, you are welcome.

    No worry about statistics and programming skills

    Whether you want to improve and hone your existing skills for a career change, or begin a new career on data science, expert instructors of Magnimind Academy are there to help. So, if you come from an unrelated field and have very little statistics and programming skills, there’s no need to worry. You will have to take the introductory-level curriculum where you will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of statistics and Python.

    Getting started on your chosen path is easy as you will have to pick one of Magnimind’s prep options that you can easily review on their site’s Admissions Process page. You just have to remember one thing: much more than any particular skill set, you will have to show top-notch level of perseverance and determination to tackle new challenges.

    So, start your journey of having a career in data science by enrolling into Magnimind Academy’s data science degree. Here’s wishing you good luck!

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