Learn programs that make your life easier with Magnimind Academy - Magnimind Academy

Learn programs that make your life easier with Magnimind Academy


    The data science spectrum has exponentially evolved over the last few years and today it’s considered the backbone of a huge number of businesses across industries. More and more people are trying to step into this field observing the skyrocketing popularity of data science. As a result, lots of institutes have started offering different data science courses to make students ready for the field. But here’s the biggest question – how would you figure out whether an institute is worth joining? In this post we’re going to take a look at Magnimind Academy – the premium data science institute headquartered in CA and some of the major reasons for which a huge number of students consider this their first preference.

    Key reasons to join Magnimind Academy

    First of all, data scientists need solid skills in programming, statistics, and computer science. Regardless of your major, you’ve to focus on the courses that would help you develop a solid understanding of these. For instance, Python – the full-fledged programming language is a perfect fit when it comes to implementing algorithms. Almost every newer data scientist gravitates toward this language because of its simplicity and ease of use. It also offers a programming platform which comes with high compatibility with data science, machine learning, and many other emerging technologies. In short, Python won’t let you bog down with complex programming requirements by allowing you perform tasks in a hassle-free manner. If you’re new to this language, the Data Analysis with Python mini bootcamp should be the perfect course for you while the Introduction to Python mini bootcamp would be ideal for students who’ve got some fundamental understanding of Python.

    Next comes SQL or Structured Query Language which is considered to be one of the most sought-after skills in data science, together with Python and R. One of the key advantages of SQL is that when you’re working with data, it’s directly accessed and that speeds up workflow executions considerably. From a data science viewpoint, SQL can be used for both machine learning and data pre-processing purposes. If you’re interested in obtaining more knowledge about the language, we’d strongly suggest you to join the SQL for Data Science mini bootcamp offered by Magnimind.

    Lastly but perhaps the biggest reason of joining Magnimind is its offering of completely immersive training programs in form of bootcamps. They’ve designed these training programs for students coming from a diverse range of technical backgrounds. To excel in their field, data scientists must need a variety of tricks and tools to process Big Data and their bootcamp is fully focused on the details. The concepts supporting various technologies are greatly explained by the instructors while allowing students to obtain valuable, hands-on experience. And when it comes to career preparation, Magnimind places a great emphasis on it, including job interviews and hiring fairs. And the best part is their data science bootcamp in Silicon Valley fully embodies the techno-meritocracy spirit of the technology hub, where anybody with a love of data science can hack his/her way to competency.


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