the fundamentals of statistics

Ten Things That You Need To Know In Statistics: The Fundamentals of Statistics

In this post, we’re going to discuss ten essential things that you must understand to excel in statistics. These include concepts, equations, and theorems that will not only greatly help you pursue data science but prove your understanding of statistics as well.



What Does It Take To Become A Top-notch Data Scientist?

Unquestionably, the career as a data scientist is one of the most promising options these days and it’s driving a huge number of enthusiasts to become a part of this community. Data science courses are being taken up by people across the globe. In addition, enthusiasts are also making transitions – coming to data science from different departments. However, the rise in the popularity of the career as a data scientist isn’t only generating lots of opportunities but creating a lot of competition as well – for both aspiring data scientists and those who are already working in the field. So, these days, the major question is how ‘to become a top-notch data scientist’ to stand out of the pack.



What Are The Differences Between Data Scientists And Data Engineers?

The domain of data science has been at the focal point of discussion for quite a few years now and there are no signs of it slowing down. As more and more businesses, organizations, and companies are waking up to the importance of extracting important insights from the pile of data that they are sitting on, the demand for data scientists, data engineers, and other experts in the field has increased significantly. No wonder that while there’s an increased focus on bringing such data science talent onboard, a whole new set of data science titles and roles too have been created to address the needs of the market.



Demystifying Data Science

You may have already heard that data science is a fast-moving, exciting field that pays really well and a numerous number of aspiring candidates are trying to step into this field. All the hypes revolving around this field can trigger some common questions like “What is data science?”, “What are the skills required to enter data science?” etc. To help you establish context, here’s our effort toward demystifying data science. The following discussion should help you make an informed decision.