What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work?

Though the blockchain technology was conceptualized as a core element of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin,
today we can see a significant number of blockchain applications and businesses across the globe are
steadily adopting the technology to leverage its full potential. If you’re an aspiring blockchain
enthusiast, keep on reading this post as we’re going to take a detailed look at the blockchain technology
and its working method.



Where And How Can I Use The Certificates I Received From Magnimind Academy?

You’re probably aware of the fact that data science and machine learning together with Python as the
preferred programming language of data scientists and developers alike are all being considered the
hottest career paths in the IT field. Businesses across the globe are increasingly becoming reliant on
these fields and are hiring trained professionals who’ll help them rise above the competition.
Magnimind Academey, one of the leading names in the field of data science training provider, might be
best known for its full-stack data science bootcamp in Silicon Valley but it also offers a broad range of
mini bootcamps on various related fields including machine learning and Python.
In this post, we’re going to discuss why any of the certificates obtained from Magnimind Academy
would help you make a big leap forward in your career.



Connection Between Data Science, ML And AI

These days, terms like data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are sometimes mentioned interchangeably, albeit incorrectly. Even an organization offering a new technology powered by any of these may talk about their high-end data science techniques without having much knowledge about them.



Why Python is Essential for Data Analysis?

In the U.S., over 36,000 weather forecasts are issued every day that cover 800 different areas and cities. Though some people may complain about the inaccuracy of such forecasts when a sudden spell of rain messes with their picnic or outdoor sports plan, not many spare a thought about how accurate such forecasts often are. That’s exactly what the people at Forecastwatch.com (a leader in climate intelligence and business-critical weather) did.  They assembled all 36,000 forecasts, placed them in a database, and compared them to the actual conditions that existed on that particular day in that specific location. Forecasters around the country then take advantage of these results to improve their forecast models for the subsequent round. Those at Forecastwatch used Python to write a parser for collecting forecasts from other websites, an aggregation engine to assemble the data, and the website code to show the results. Though the company originally used PHP to build the website, it soon realized that it was much easier to only deal with a solitary language throughout. And there lies the beauty of Python, which has become essential for data analysis. Let’s delve deeper to understand what makes Python so popular in the field of data analysis.



2 Immersive Topics: Data Science And Artificial Intelligence

Both data science and artificial intelligence are extremely talked about topics in today’s technology domain. Both of these technologies are being steadily adopted by businesses across the globe, regardless of industry or domain. However, there is a question often asked by people, particularly those looking to enter any of these fields, regarding how data science and artificial intelligence are connected and how they’re different from each other. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at both aspects of both the fields to help you obtain a clear idea and take an informed decision.

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