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What Are The Best Online Courses On How To Use Statistics On Real-life Data?


    If you want to become a data scientist, working with huge data sets and drawing meaningful inferences would be an integral part of your job. Though it may sound daunting to many, you can learn from some of the best online courses in statistics driven by leading industry experts and the best trainers to have fun with numbers. If you want your data scientist career to be a smooth-sailing one, choosing courses that get you ready to handle real-life data and circumstances should be your goal. Here are some of the best online courses in statistics that can help you get a strong footing in the domain of data science:

    1. Improving your statistical inferences: Designed for intermediate level learners, this course offered by the Eindhoven University of Technology has a rating of 4.9 stars and will help you to derive better statistical inferences from empirical research. Since it’s backed by practical, hands-on assignments, you’ll learn to tackle various real-life situations. Be it simulating t-tests to learn which p-values to expect, calculate likelihood ratios, or ways to examine if the null hypothesis is true via Bayesian statistics and equivalence testing, you’ll be able to do all these and more with this online course.
    2. Bayesian Statistics Mixture Models: Targeting advanced-level learners, this course with a 4.7-star rating offered by UC Santa Cruz is based on the premise that statistics is best learned by doing it. Thus, with this course divided into 5 modules, you can learn an important category of statistical models through their application and peer-reviewed assignments together with short quizzes, lecture videos, discussion prompts, and background reading.
    3. MITx MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science: With this course, you’ll master the basics of statistics along with data science and machine learning. With instructors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you’ll learn to analyze big data, perform data-driven predictions, pull out meaningful information by deploying suitable modeling and methodologies, and a lot more.  
    4. Become a Probability & Statistics Master: This extensive 163-lesson course will teach you everything about probability and statistics that you’ll need to become a data scientist. From visualizing and analyzing data to data distributions, Bayes’ theorem, handling discrete random variables (including Bernoulli, binomial, Poisson, etc.), hypothesis testing, and regression, you’ll learn them all using some real-life data.  


    Get enrolled in any of these courses to jumpstart your data scientist career by learning and honing your skills in statistics. Since these courses let you learn and practice with real-life data and situations, you’ll not only gain useful insights and the practical application of the concepts learned but even give your confidence a big boost. Thus, these courses will get you ready to step into your chosen data science career.


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