How Do You Build A Data Science Portfolio?

There’re a lot of people trying to step into the field of data science. Unfortunately, many of them often overlook one of the most critical aspects of landing up a good job in the field – the importance of building a strong data science portfolio. While having enough knowledge about different data science techniques and a good number of certifications are surely critical, unless you have a strong data science portfolio, your chances of coming under the radar of recruiters aren’t extremely high. Here, we’ve jotted down the key aspects of building a solid data science portfolio that would make your journey a tad easier.



What Is A Good Data Science Project?

A significant number of newcomers in data science tend to spend a huge amount of time to develop theoretical knowledge and earn certifications only. While theoretical knowledge is certainly required to become a good data science professional, recruiters don’t put much emphasis on certifications only. Instead, they tend to evaluate the potential of a candidate by going through his/her work.