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As the world started to acknowledge the true importance of artificial intelligence and machine learningtech giants across the globe are riding this emerging tech wave. At some point of time, it was commonly believed that only smaller startups are generally more innovative and more dynamic than established and giant market leaders, but today this isn’t the case with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The main reason is that the development of innovative services and products is usually very expensive, and only companies with a great number of resources can afford to try that process out.

As a matter of fact, those, who’re making the most of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, are the tech giants. The finest examples of fruitful, profitable use of these technologies are none other than Facebook, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, NASA, just to name a few. For all these tech leaders, artificial intelligence and machine learning form the core of all their strategic decisions. Here, we’ve put together some of the tech giants that are leveraging the power of these technologies to a great extent.

1- Google

According to experts, Google is one of the most advanced tech giants in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Fundamentally, Google’s core search business is based on machine learning and predictive analysis to deliver search results which are monetized through advertising. It uses artificial intelligence in a number of its products and services like image recognition for Google Photos, speech recognition for Google Home and Google Assistant, and more.

When it comes to tools, Google developed TensorFlow – a machine learning system free to anyone. However, probably the strongest point of the tech giant in these technologies is the diverse range of its cloud-based services offered to developers, like the Google Cloud AI machine learning tools.

2- Netflix

It’s a widely-known fact that Recommendations Systems are used by Netflix for suggesting shows or movies to its customers. It makes use of the watching history of other viewers with similar tastes to recommend what you might be most interested to watch next so that you can stay engaged and continue with your subscription.

Some other lesser-known features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning include personalization and auto-generation of thumbnails, improved streaming quality, optimized stages of production, among others. Machine learning models are leveraged by the tech giant to create relationships between unstructured data and turn that into numbers. Netflix has surely accomplished a phenomenal job of implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science the right way to develop a product-based approach.

3- Apple

While the tech giant may have lagged its other peers in terms of artificial intelligence investments, it uses the technology to support a huge range of its applications – from optimizing battery usage in the devices to fraud detection and Siri. Today, millions of users talk to Siri and the tech giant is looking to extend its talking assistant’s application through its advanced smart home device, the HomePod.

The company has also allocated a significant amount of resources for the development of its machine learning systems, the majority of which are available via its developer program. In addition, it has made stakes in artificial intelligence startups. Some of these include Vocal IQ – a platform for voice interfaces, Emotient – it develops facial recognition technology, among others.

4- Microsoft

The tech giant has been quietly developing one of the most respectable portfolios of artificial intelligence powered applications, platforms, tools, and services. It employs artificial intelligence across its product portfolio in a large number of ways like building apps in Azure, chatbots in Skype, powering search results in Bing, automatic text transcription in Teams, among others.

It also offers a large portfolio of tools and platforms on Windows, Visual Studio, and Azure for developers. In the machine learning space, Microsoft’s most significant acquisition was Maluuba, which is famous for offering natural language understanding technology.

5- Pinterest

In the social media landscape, Pinterest holds a curious place with its primary goal of curating existing content. And it invests in technologies to make the process more effective. Kosei, a machine learning company was acquired by this tech giant in 2015.

Today, virtually every aspect of Pinterest is touched by machine learning – from content discovery, advertising monetization, spam moderation to business operations, and more.

6- Baidu

Google isn’t the only tech giant that’s exploring machine learning for its search feature. Baidu, the Chinese search engine, is also investing significantly in the applications of artificial intelligence. One of the most innovative developments of this company is Deep Voice.

It’s a deep neural network that’s capable of generating entirely synthetic human voices which are highly difficult to distinguish from actual human speech. Based on machine learning as its underlying technology, this innovation can offer major benefits for voice search applications and lots of other potential uses like biometric security and real-time translation.


Sometimes back, the leading American space agency notified the world about the discovery of Kepler-90i utilizing Google machine learningMachine learning was used by NASA to help identify planets which were missed by the previous searches of Kepler data.

It’s also researching to develop more distortion free and efficient communication networks by using an artificial intelligence based cognitive radio which would minimize noise distortion and increase reliability.

8- Salesforce

As expected, the world’s leading sales platform is one of the major buyers of artificial intelligence companies over the last few years. One of its most highlighted machine learning systems is the so-called Einstein technology. It’s said to have enabled Salesforce users to develop much more detailed customers’ profiles.

9- IBM

One of the world’s oldest and largest legacy technology companies, IBM has successfully managed to transition from earlier business models to modern revenue streams – consider Watson, one of the tech giant’s renowned product powered by artificial intelligence. Watson has been successfully deployed in several medical centers and hospitals in recent years, where it demonstrated its skills for making accurate recommendations to a great extent. Watson machine learning technology is now being offered by IBM on a license basis – one of the frontline examples of an artificial intelligence application being offered in such a manner.

10- Factors that help these tech giants to make most of artificial intelligence and machine learning

It’s now evident that those who’re making most of the advanced fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning are the tech giants like the above ones. Here, we’re going to examine the key factors that make these tech leaders actually able to leverage these technologies on an entirely different level. Let’s have a look at them.

10.1- Data

All these tech giants can access may be more data compared to any other organization in the history of the tech world. There’re lots of reasons behind this including lots of users, lots of traffic, presence on digital platforms, and the culture of connectivity. If you consider the above companies, you can find that most of them were born for the internet age with a clear understanding that systems have to be connected.

You may often hear things like ‘digitizing’ mentioned by numerous organizations. What makes these tech giants apart from the pack is that they’re not concerned about digitizing because they were born digital.

10.2- Talent

When it comes to tech giants, the appeal that they possess in terms of talent, are some of the finest and hottest in today’s tech landscape. So, they’re naturally able to attract tremendous talents with fattier pay packets.

11- What’s in it for you?

We’ve seen some older technological trends that are obsolete now. So, you may ask why should you learn artificial intelligence and machine learning? Unlike other technologies, both of these two technologies have the ability to transform the future, especially if you consider the massive amounts of data being generated every single day. We can expect to see artificial intelligence deployments that have the ability to recognize, modify based on their internal architecture with minimum human supervision in sometime soon.

If you consider Baidu from the above list of tech giants, in near future we may not be able to distinguish the difference at all. Advancements in generative modeling will lead to increasingly sophisticated voices, images, among others. Apart from these, artificial intelligence and machine learning have many other advanced applications that we may be able to experience in the future. If you still haven’t given joining the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning a thought, probably this is the best time to do it.

In conclusion

If you consider the most impactful technological developments in recent tech history, artificial intelligence and machine learning have to be among them. Few fields come into existence with an objective of disrupting human lives, and these two surely belong to them.

To transform the future for good, tech giants are looking for people with skills, talent and development experience in the fields of artificial intelligence as well its branches like machine learning, deep learning etc. By investing a small amount of time, money and effort, you can become a part of these tech giants and the upcoming exciting future.

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