What are the different Blockchain technologies?

The blockchain technology, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, has evolved into one of the most disrupting technologies and created a new type of internet. In simple words, a blockchain is a time-stamped series that contains immutable records of data which is maintained through a chain of computers. The information kept here is open and anyone can see it. Thus, everything created on the blockchain is transparent and everybody involved remains accountable for his/her actions. If you’re interested in learning this technology, here’s an overview of different types of blockchain technologies that would make your learning path a tad easier.



Blockchain: How can we use it and what skills are required to learn?

Most likely you have already come across the term blockchain which is taking the tech world by storm these days. Put simply, blockchain can be considered as a digital ledger where facts are kept in data blocks. These data blocks are connected to each other through cryptographic validation. The entire system leads to an immutable record of data which is managed by a cluster of computers. Let’s see some most common use cases of blockchain to understand why experts call it one of the biggest disrupting innovations ever.



9 Blockchain mistakes and how to avoid them

These days, lots of companies are implementing the blockchain technology with the hope of discovering opportunities to create differences in their regular business process. Unfortunately, a lot of these implementations never get past of the production stage. While the technology comes with lots of potential enough to attract business leaders, there’s a significant gap between that hype and market reality. If you too are thinking of implementing blockchain technology, here’re nine of the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them.



What is Blockchain with 3 features?

Most likely you’ve already heard or read the term blockchain somewhere and know there is a huge buzz going around it in the technology domain. The technology that was invented to power Bitcoin in 2008, is now being used for almost everything. However, despite all the news and predictions are made around it by experts, it seems that a lot of people aren’t much aware of what blockchain actually is, what are the key advantages of using it and what are its biggest features? In this post, we’re going to explore all these things about blockchain and why you should learn this technology. Let’s delve deeper.



The Change Started with Blockchain

It’s an undeniable fact that lots of technologies have tremendously improved the way we live and do business these days. Almost numerous of its kinds were developed in the past and we’re using it in different fields now.

For example, the internet that has entirely transformed the way we interact, socialize, work, and share information with each other. According to many, the emergence of blockchain is probably the biggest tech develop after the internet that has the ability to disrupt technology.