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Vervecon Tech Conference

If you are a woman in tech, you don’t want to miss the VerveCon 2019 Tech Conference, May 7th 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Yes, there are a lot of women’s conferences. But there are very few that offer real technical talks by women, while also recognizing the challenges and needs of women technologists in today’s companies. We are a team of women engineers NOT trying to change the world, but trying to redefine women’s journey in technology. We took it upon ourselves to try to understand why so few women participate in technical conferences. What we found out was shocking. Women rely on reading technical journals to update themselves about the latest technologies three times more often than attending a technical conference. Their reasons? They felt unwelcomed at technical conference. We heard terrible stories about uncomfortable experiences at sponsor booths and after parties. They didn’t feel that they had the flexibility to travel. Yes, there are some amazing tech conferences for women, but the aren’t in the heart of Silicon Valley, where so many tech women are! We want to change this with VerveCon, the “Convention for enthusiastic women in technology” in BayArea. Come to VerveCon and meet the leader in you!

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